MountainFilm on Tour ATL 2015
August 28-29 at the Plaza Theatre

Friday, August 28

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Saturday, August 29


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Cultures worth exploring. Environments worth preserving. Adventures worth pursuing. Conversations worth sustaining.

What is Mountainfilm on Tour? 

A festival of eco/adventure/saving-the-planet/holy-cow-I-can't-believe-they-did-that films!

What People Say About It:



“Completely transformative."

“I never knew . . . "

"I want to do something . . . take a trip, have an adventure, change the world . . . make a mark.”

“Now that I’ve experienced it . . . I get it."

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If you're interested in both contributing and participating in our combined mission with Mountainfilm on Tour, we want to see you in August. We can guarantee that it will be an enlightening, motivating, and inspiring experience for you, your friends and co-workers, as well as your family. It's an experience that will look something like this...